Tel Tamr Military Council successfully repels attacks of Turkish proxies

TEL TAMR, Syria — In the face of relentless attacks by Turkish occupation forces throughout September, the Tel Tamr Military Council, based in the countryside of Hasakah, North and East Syria, continues to successfully defend its positions and demonstrated advanced self-defense capabilities. Since the start of the month, the Turkish forces and their Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies have launched numerous incursions in Tel Tamr District and near daily artillery bombardment, with over 300 shells fired.

Commander of the Tel Tamr Military Council Khabour Akad reported that in recent days, at least eight air attacks were conducted, causing significant material damage but no casualties among the Council’s forces. He highlighted that his forces have adopted advanced defense strategies that have proved highly effective in neutralizing the attacking SNA units.

Furthermore, Akad noted the vigilance of the Council’s forces, which have closely monitored Turkish movements along the contact lines near the villages around Tel Tamr. He emphasized the unified defense of the region, with all components and communities coming together to protect their homeland.

In response to ongoing threats, the Tel Tamr Military Council launched targeted rocket strikes on SNA positions in the village of Al-Arisha. These attacks have inflicted casualties and injuries among the ranks of these hostile groups, underscoring the council’s determination to protect its territory.