Syriac Community of Tur Abdin celebrates Feast of Mor Dimit

ZAZ, Tur Abdin, Turkey — In the village of Zaz (İzbırak), in the historic Tur Abdin region in what is now southeastern Turkey, the Feast of Mor (Saint) Dimit was celebrated in the presence of believers from across the region and the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) diaspora.

Mor Dimit, also known as Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki, is a Christian martyr and one of the most revered saints in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition.

Mor Dimit is primarily known for his military service as a high-ranking officer in the Roman army. Despite his position, he openly professed his Christian faith, which was at odds with the prevailing paganism of the time.

During the Christian persecutions under the Roman Emperor Maximian in the early 4th century, Demetrius was arrested and subjected to various forms of torture because of his faith. According to tradition, he endured these tortures with great strength and faith. Eventually, he was executed by beheading in the year 306 AD.

On the occasion of the feast, a Holy Mass was led by Syriac Orthodox Bishop of the Diocese of Tur Abdin Mor Timotheos Shmuel Aqtash.

Bishop Aqtash spoke about the biography of Mor Dimit, stressing the importance of remembering all the saints and asking for their intercession.