Over 200 confirmed dead in attack on Syrian regime Military College graduation ceremony in Hmoth

HMOTH, Syria — In an incident that reverberated through the city of Hmoth (Homs), Syria, a swarm of suicide drones targeted the graduation ceremony of the Military College’s officer course, resulting in hundreds of casualties among both military and civilian attendees. Drones equipped with explosives were employed in the attack.

The Syrian Ministry of Health reported a staggering toll, with over 212 confirmed fatalities and 277 individuals sustaining injuries, many of which are severe. Among the victims were 11 women and 5 children from the families of the newly commissioned officers.

The attack unfolded immediately after the conclusion of the graduation ceremony when students and their relatives were gathered at the celebration site.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense attributed the attack to “armed terrorist organizations” backed by well-known international entities. It pointed the finger at these groups for orchestrating the assault that unfolded in the aftermath of the graduation festivities.

While no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, it is noted that armed opposition factions controlling parts of Syrian territory in the northwest have, at times, employed armed drones.

It’s worth mentioning that the government forces had organized the graduation ceremony for the officer cadets, attended by high-ranking officials from the Syrian regime’s army and the Minister of Defense, who had left the event prior to the attack.