Bethnahrin National Council will commemorate its martyrs at annual event in Gütersloh, Germany, on Sunday

GÜTERSLOH, Germany — On Sunday, 8 October, the institutions of the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) will commemorate their martyrs at the House of Culture in Gütersloh, Germany.

Charbel Hanna, a distinguished MUB member, will deliver a comprehensive lecture about the political developments in Nineveh Plains, providing insights into the challenges faced by the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people in Iraq.

The event will also serve as a poignant remembrance for the martyrs of the MUB. A documentary film will also be showcasing their noble struggle for the homeland will be presented during the lecture.

Organizers extend a heartfelt invitation to the community, urging all to attend and actively participate by sharing their thoughts and insights.

Furthermore, the MUB’s institutions have planned additional commemorations, featuring prayers and masses to honor the souls of Syriac–Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean martyrs. These commemorations serve as a solemn tribute to those who valiantly sacrificed their lives in defense of our people and their sacred values.