Intensifying Israel-Hamas conflict draws global responses, US expresses strong support for Israel

TEL AVIV — Ongoing clashes persist between fighters of Hamas and the Israeli army within Israeli settlements, accompanied by retaliatory strikes on Gaza by the Israeli military.

The conflict has now expanded to involve the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, targeting specific Israeli military positions.

The European Union, along with key European nations such as France and Britain, has voiced solidarity with Israel, condemning the military actions of the Palestinian Hamas movement.

However, the most significant support materialized from Washington, where U.S. President Joe Biden emphatically affirmed his country’s unwavering support for Israel.

Across the Arab world, numerous statements have been issued by most Arab countries, urging an immediate cessation to the escalating hostilities between Israeli and Palestinian factions. They call on the international community to intervene, denouncing Israeli war crimes and violations against the Palestinians.

Palestine has urgently called for emergency sessions of the UN Security Council and the Arab League Council to explore political solutions and put an end to the Israeli attacks on Palestinian territories, particularly the aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israel Defense Forces’ official spokesman, Avichay Adraee, reported that the Israeli military responded to the Hamas attacks with a substantial bombardment of Gaza, targeting 426 sites.

The Hamas assaults on Israel resulted in the tragic loss of over 350 Israeli lives, with 1,800 individuals sustaining injuries. Moreover, hundreds of Israelis, both civilians and military personnel, were reportedly captured.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health disclosed that 256 Palestinians, including 20 children, lost their lives, with 1,800 others injured due to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The toll of the conflict remains a source of deep concern for the international community.