Turkey arrests political opponents who denounce Turkish attacks on North and East Syria

MUŞ, Turkey — As part of the continuous arrests of intellectuals opposed to the policies of the Turkish government, Turkish police attacked a rally organized by the Green Left Party Youth Council in Muş, Turkey

The rally was organized to denounce the Turkish strikes on North and East Syria.

The Turkish police arrested 9 people from the opposition and prevented them from making a public statement during the rally.

Among those arrested were Co-Chair of the Democratic Party (DBP) in Muş Salamuddin Yılmaz, Co-Chair of the Peoples ‘Democratic Party (HDP) Birmal Nukş, member of the Executive Body of the Green Left Party Ibrahim Boz, members of the Council of the HDP Çiçek Tutuş, Omer Koc, and Ume Tegürk, member of the Youth Council Maruf Çalik, Serhad Dursun, and another person not yet named.

The government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues its campaign of arrests targeting political opponents to solidify its rule.