Universal Syriac Union Party urges Lebanese neutrality amid escalating conflict between Israeli government and Hamas

BEIRUT — Escalating tensions in southern Lebanon caused by Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s active involvement in the conflict between the Israeli government and Hamas prompted President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad to convey a crucial message to all political parties and sovereign MPs about the necessity for neutrality.

Mrad highlighted the dire situation faced by the Lebanese people, especially in the south, where ongoing mutual bombings have resulted in widespread destruction, loss of lives, injuries to civilians, and significant displacement.

“Given the circumstances, it is imperative for sovereign parties and MPs from diverse denominations and the diaspora to appeal to the United Nations and influential countries to provide robust support to the Lebanese Army and legitimate forces for substantial deployment along the borders,” emphasized Mrad. “Furthermore, there is a need for concerted efforts through both external and internal Lebanese demonstrations, alongside committed diplomatic initiatives to implement international resolutions, particularly UN Resolution No. 1559.”

Mrad underlined the critical importance of empowering sovereign entities to declare Lebanon’s complete neutrality in the face of regional conflicts that have wrought destruction, claimed lives, and rendered the nation a pawn in negotiations for Iran’s interests in the region.