Administration of North and East Syria discusses rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed in Turkish attacks with international organizations

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a collaborative effort with the Foreign Relations Commission, the Office of Civil Organizations Affairs of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) convened a meeting with both international and local organizations operating in the region. The primary agenda of the meeting was to outline a coordinated strategy for the rehabilitation of facilities severely damaged during the recent way of Turkish attacks that have crippled vital civilian infrastructure.

The meeting was held at the Mishwar Hall in southern Raqqa. Representatives from the Foreign Relations Commission, the Office of Civil Organizations Affairs, as well as leaders from various international and local organizations actively working in North and East Syria participated.

Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Commission Badran Jia Kurd emphasized the imperative of assessing the extent of damage. He underscored the anticipated challenges in the rehabilitation process and acknowledged that the recent attacks have created a substantial void in both service provision and economic stability in the region.

Highlighting the inadequacy of the existing AANES rehabilitation plan in addressing the scale of destruction, Jia Kurd stressed the essential need for support from international organizations. The discussion also delved into the operational mechanisms of international organizations within the region and outlined collaborative strategies for the comprehensive rehabilitation of these vital facilities.