Syrian Democratic Council protests Turkish aggression, calls for no-fly zone over North and East Syria

HASAKAH, Syria — On Wednesday, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) organized a protest against Turkey’s ongoing targeting of vital civilian infrastructure in North and East Syria, calling for the urgent implementation of a no-fly zone over the region.

Holding banners and signs reading “Stop the Turkish Aggression”, “Prevent Turkish Aircraft from Violating Our Skies”, and “Any Who Deprive People of Basic Necessities is a War Criminal”, a gathering of politicians, religious leaders, and tribal representatives assembled at Martyr Aziz Roundabout in the Gweran neighborhood of Hasakah, North and East Syria, and marched to the US-led International Coalition base, where they delivered a public statement.

The statement underscored the intensifying brutality of Turkish attacks on North and East Syria and the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure, including water and power stations, oil refineries, and health facilities. These actions, according to the statement, are clear violations of human rights as stipulated by international humanitarian law.

The statement further emphasized that Turkey’s actions have crossed all boundaries in terms of violating international rights and laws, making it imperative for the international community to intervene and put a halt to these aggressions.

The goal of the Turkish attacks, said the SDC, is to disrupt the security and stability of the region and undermine the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria’s (AANES) democratic project.

The SDC conveyed a formal letter of protest to the Coalition. The note, presented in Arabic, English, Kurdish, and Syriac, was accompanied by a comprehensive dossier illustrating Turkey’s crimes in North and East Syria. The letter requested the immediate imposition of a no-fly zone to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.