Iraqi Parliamentary committee denounces Turkish extension of military mission in Iraq

BAGHDAD — The Iraq’s Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee unequivocally condemned the extension of the Turkish Army’s missions within Iraqi territory by Turkish Parliament, characterizing it as an act of occupation. The Committee urged the Iraqi government to respond swiftly and resolutely to counter the unlawful presence of the Turkish Army in norther Iraq.

Yasser Watut, a member of the Committee, asserted that Turkey’s extension of its military presence in Iraq lacks the approval of the Iraqi government. Consequently, this presence is not only illegal but also illegitimate, akin to an occupation by foreign forces within Iraq.

This response was prompted by the Turkish Parliament’s approval of a presidential memorandum on Tuesday, which sanctioned the extension of the Turkish Armed Forces’ missions in both Syria and Iraq for an additional two years.

Watut emphasized that Turkey’s unilateral decision highlights its disregard for neighboring nations, as well as diplomatic protocols and international laws. This underscores Turkey’s ambition through the deployment of its occupying forces in Iraq.

Watut called upon the Iraqi government to act promptly in responding to this illegal Turkish presence on Iraqi soil, cautioning that silence on this issue may lead to its expansion in the future, thereby posing a severe threat to Iraqi national security.