General Directorate of Syriac Studies meeting addresses challenges and solutions for Syriac language and Christian education in Kerkeslokh (Kirkuk), Iraq

KERKESLOKH, Iraq — The General Directorate of Syriac Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Syriac Studies for Education in Kerkeslokh (Kirkuk), Iraq, organized a crucial meeting of educational personnel that brought together Syriac language and Christian education teachers. The meeting took place at the Bahra Syriac Primary School in Kerkeslokh.

The meeting was presided over by General Director of Syriac Studies Imad Salem Jajo and Director of the Department of Syriac Studies for Education in Kerkeslokh Mounir Jalal. Notable participants included educators specializing in Syriac language and Christian religious education, as well as Ramzi Kamlil, official of the Information Division at the General Directorate.

The agenda covered a range of educational topics, with a special emphasis on identifying and tackling challenges experienced by Syriac schools and their educators. During the discussion, innovative solutions were devised to enhance the quality of education in the region. Additionally, the feasibility of offering professional development courses on occupational safety and risk prevention was explored.

The role of the Directorate in developing curricula and educational methods, along with the establishment of literacy centers specializing in the Syriac language, was also a significant point of discussion.

Upon the conclusion of the meeting, Director Imad Salem Jajo lauded the excellence of Syriac schools in Kerkeslokh and praised their dedicated staff. He noted their exceptional commitment, a sentiment underscored during his visits to institutions like Bahra Primary School, Ishtar Secondary Schools, Anastas Al-Carmeli School, and Maar Ephrem and Mariamana Private Schools. These visits showcased the dedication and quality of education offered by these institutions in Kerkeslokh.