Turkish attacks on North and East Syria’s energy sector result in staggering $1 billion in damage, prolonged service disruptions

RMELAN, Syria — Ahmed Ibrahim, the Director of Oil Fields in Rmelan, North and East Syria, has disclosed that the losses incurred in the vital oil, gas, and electricity sector due to Turkish attacks are now estimated to be a staggering $1 billion USD.

In a comprehensive report by the Hawar News Agency, Ibrahim emphasized that the restoration of these critical facilities to full operational status may take several months. This prolonged timeline is primarily attributed to the scarcity of essential equipment and the enduring blockade imposed on the region, factors that are poised to directly impact the lives of citizens and the provision of essential services.

The detailed statistics revealed the extent of the damage to oil, gas, and electricity infrastructure, underscoring that the cumulative losses resulting from the Turkish attacks on these vital sectors have surged beyond an alarming $ 1.27 billion USD.

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Ibrahim emphasized, “Through the utilization of emergency equipment, we have managed to salvage many of the sites that were subjected to deliberate targeting, while additional repair and maintenance operations remain underway despite the myriad of challenges.”

The relentless and destructive Turkish attacks on North and East Syria, targeting vital civilian infrastructure, continue to escalate, all within the backdrop of an unsettling silence from the United Nations and the absence of international accountability.