Iranian-backed drone attacks on US-led International Coalition bases in Syria and Iraq continue

HASAKAH, Syria / ANKAWA, Iraq — In a series of drone attacks, bases associated with the US-led International Coalition in Syria and Iraq have come under assault, intensifying concerns of further military escalation in the region.

Iranian-proxy factions in Iraq persist in issuing threats against US interests in the country. The Islamic Resistance group, affiliated with Iranian-backed Iraqi Hezbollah, revealed its involvement in launching drone strikes on Coalition bases located in Al-Tanf, Rukban, and Al-Malikiya in Syria.

US Department of Defense Spokesperson Brigadier General Patrick Ryder reported that an attempted drone attack was directed at the US forces stationed at the Al-Tanf base in southern Syria. Fortunately, the drones were intercepted, and no casualties were reported.

Brig. Gen. Ryder voiced his concern over the escalating frequency of attacks on US bases in both Syria and Iraq by Iranian-backed groups.

US President Joe Biden was in the midst of a public address when he received news of the drone attacks. In response, he made an abrupt departure for the operations room at the White House, citing the urgency of the situation.

Notably, the Iranian attacks marked a significant departure from previous actions, as they targeted locations outside the traditional zones of Syria and Iraq as well. The Prince Sultan and King Abdulaziz air bases in Saudi Arabia were also targeted in drone attacks claimed by the Movement of Liberating the Two Holy Mosques.

The group asserted responsibility for the attacks, characterizing them as a preliminary warning of potential future actions in response to the ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza, with repercussions that could ultimately involve the United States.