Turkish attacks threaten stability and security in North and East Syria, says Autonomous Administration official Talat Yunis

GOZARTO REGION, Syria — Talat Yunis, the Co-Chair of the Executive Council of Gozarto (Jazira) Region of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), has spoken out on the Turkish airstrike targeting critical infrastructure, service institutions, and even the civilian population of North and East Syria. He emphasized that the main goal of the Turkish attacks is to make the region unlivable, forcing the legitimate inhabits to leave their historic lands.

Yunis underscored the broader context of these attacks, characterizing them as an extension of Turkey’s historical policies that seek to marginalize and displace indigenous populations. In doing so, these policies directly challenge the democratic principles and projects upheld by the AANES.

He went on to assert that Turkey’s tactics are resulting in the displacement of local communities by severing essential lifelines, particularly through the targeting of water, electricity, and gas facilities, as well as industrial complexes, schools, and healthcare institutions.

Yunis concluded by framing these actions as potential war crimes, emphasizing that the regions of North and East Syria, comprising diverse ethnic communities, continue to foster an environment of coexistence. He acknowledged the collective efforts made by these communities in combatting global terrorism, particularly in their fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), which came at significant human costs.