Democratic equality vital for resolving regional crises, including conflict in Israel-Palestine, says North and East Syria official Talat Yunis

ZALIN, Syria — In a statement to SyriacPress, Co-Chair of the Executive Council of Gozarto (Jazira) Region, part of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), emphasized that democratic equality and pluralism is the remedy for all the crises and conflicts afflicting the region, including the ongoing conflict in Israel-Palestine. He underscored the unwavering commitment of AANES in rejecting all forms of violence and the unjust targeting of innocent civilians.

Yunis stated that conflicts such as the one in Israel-Palestine crisis and others in the region are fundamentally rooted in the policies pursued by nation states. He asserted that a democratic nation solution, in alignment with the model presented by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, represents the sole path towards resolving the myriad crises and conflicts in the region.

Highlighting the commitment to non-violence, Yunis firmly advocated for dialogue as the primary means to address the issues confronting the region and its peoples.

He went on to express his deep concern about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, emphasizing that this protracted struggle holds significant ramifications for both the region and the world. Given the substantial influence of regional and international powers in the area, these repercussions are poised to gravely affect innocent civilians.

Yunis also warned against the further escalation of the conflict, extending into neighboring countries like Lebanon and Syria, as such developments would exacerbate the existing crises in the region. He contended that such escalations primarily serve the interests of certain nations, notably Turkey and Iran, that seek to exploit these crises for their own gain. Urging an end to hostilities and a return to diplomatic dialogue, Yunis called for comprehensive solutions to address the Palestinian issue.

Reiterating the responsibility of regional communities, Talat Yunis pressed for collective efforts and determined action to resolve the multifaceted crises afflicting the region.