Second Annual Victims Forum held in North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — The Second Annual Victims Forum, organized with the slogan Together, Our Voice is Stronger, was convened in Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, drawing together a diverse assembly of political figures, decision-makers, civil society activists, and journalists.

Sponsored by human rights organizations, the forum commenced with a moment of silence to honor martyrs. The event served as a platform for candid discussions on the plights of victims ensnared in the conflicts within Syria and also cast a spotlight on Turkish transgressions against the region’s people.

The forum serves to underscore the critical needs and priorities of victims in North and East Syria. Its overarching goals include advocating for their rights, such as the right to a safe return, disclosing the fates of the missing and forcibly disappeared, reclaiming confiscated property, ensuring the accountability of perpetrators, and addressing economic challenges.

Orhan Kamal, Coordinator of the Synergy organization, emphasized that the forum strives to empower victims by nurturing their potential and bolstering their skills, enabling them to take the lead in defending their rights and recovering their property in due course.

Kamal further underscored that the forum highlights the noteworthy work of regional human rights organizations and underscores the significant data they have compiled to date.