Economic crisis in Turkey deepens as hunger and poverty rates increase

ANKARA — Amidst the ongoing economic turmoil fueled by the policies of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), the Federation of Trade Unions in Turkey highlighted a concerning surge in the hunger and poverty rates in the country for the month of October.

The Union’s latest findings reveal that the total monthly expenses required to provide adequate nutrition for a four-member family exceeded 13,000 Turkish Liras last month, underscoring the immense financial strain facing ordinary citizens.

Furthermore, the Union shed light on the escalating poverty threshold in Turkey due to rampant inflation, now standing at approximately 44,000 Turkish Liras. This figure encompasses all essential monthly expenditures, including housing, clothing, transportation, education, healthcare, and various other necessities, indicating the growing financial challenges confronting Turkish households.

In the course of their monthly analysis of the poverty and hunger limits in Turkey, the Union’s research demonstrates that the cost of living for a single employee has surged to approximately 18,000 Turkish Liras, a daunting figure that highlights the relentless financial pressures experienced by individuals.

The Turkish economy has been grappling with soaring inflation rates, reaching an alarming 80% the previous year. Despite efforts by the Turkish regime, these measures have not effectively curbed currency depreciation, leading to substantial price hikes and intensifying the economic crisis.