TURKEY: Road connecting Syriac Orthodox Mor Malke Monastery and village of Arkah in Tur Abdin restored

ARKAH, Turkey — The picturesque route linking Mor Malke Monastery and the village of Arkah in the heart of the historic Tur Abdin region in what is now southeastern Turkey has been restored thanks to the dedicated efforts of Mayor Yusuf Yar.

Nestled atop a mountain that overlooks the village of Arkah in the Tur Izlo (Mount Izla) region, the Mor Malke Monastery is part of an area rich in ancient Syriac monasteries and churches. For many years, its doors remained closed, but in the 1980s, it underwent extensive restoration and welcomed visitors and believers from around the world.

The road leading to the monastery had fallen into disrepair and was treacherous, particularly during the winter months. Following recent asphalt restoration, the road is now accessible and safe for public use.

Mayor Yusuf Yar expressed his joy upon the successful completion of the restoration, citing it as a significant milestone for the region. He thanked the relevant Turkish authorities for responding to the request of the people to restore the road.