New group of displaced Yezidis return to Shigur (Shengal / Sinjar), Iraq

SHIGUR, Iraq — The Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced the successful return of another group of displaced Yezidis to their homes in Shigur (Shengal / Sinjar) District, marking a significant step in their journey back from displacement camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

As part of voluntary repatriation effort, Minister of Migration and Displacement Ivan Faiq Jabro stated that 487 displaced Yezidis returned to their homes in Shigur District, located in Nineveh Governorate. The return was facilitated by Shiggur branch on the Ministry, security forces, and regional governments in the respective governorates, in coordination with the Joint Operations Command.

Minister Jabro elaborated that their return also involved close cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, which assisted in the transportation of their belongings from the camps to their home regions. He emphasized that in the near future, additional groups of displaced individuals are anticipated to return to their homes.