Warnings of ISIS expansion in Afghanistan and extremist infiltration of Europe

BEIJING — Head of the Commonwealth of Independent States Anti-Terrorist Center (CIS-ATC) Yevgeny Sysoev warned of the aggravation of terrorist risks in the Central Asian region.

During a speech delivered at the Scientific and Practical Conference of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Sysoev stressed that Afghanistan is still a concern, especially with the failure of the Taliban movement to eliminate the Khorasan branch of the Islamic State (ISIS), whose number has increased to almost 6,000.

Sysoev also expressed his concerns about the statements of Taliban movement leader last March about the movement’s quest to spread what they called the “sharia of the Taliban” outside Afghanistan.

Sysoev stated that there are terrorist elements who participated in the fighting in Syria and Iraq and are trying to enter Europe through illegal migration routes, noting that some countries are using them for their geopolitical interests.