French citizen sentenced to 5 years in prison in Iran amid growing international concerns

TEHRAN — In the latest episode of arbitrary arrests targeting individuals expressing independent thoughts and advocating freedom, an Iranian court has handed down a 5-year prison sentence to French citizen Louis Arnaud on charges related to national security.

Addressing the concerning situation, spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry Anne-Claire Legendre expressed strong disapproval during a press conference. She declared the imprisonment of Arnaud as unacceptable and urged for the immediate release of not only him but all French citizens detained arbitrarily in Iran.

Arnaud’s family condemned the verdict, denouncing it as a gross violation of human rights and individual freedom. They emphasized that their son’s purpose for the journey was to explore the cultural diversity of the world and vehemently asserted his innocence against all charges.

Highlighting that Arnaud remained uninvolved in the popular protests that unfolded in Iran last year, the family expressed their deep concern over the unjust treatment he has faced.

The Iranian authorities persist in their extensive campaign of arrests, targeting political opponents and individuals perceived as challenging their arbitrary policies. This crackdown aims to dismantle opposition forces and quell dissent, contributing to a climate of suppression and fear.