Mourning continues as families of victims commemorate 40 days since Baghdede wedding hall fire

MOSUL, Iraq — Families affected by the Baghdede (Qaraqosh / Hamdaniya) wedding hall fire tragedy gathered on Friday morning to observe the 40-day mourning ceremony for their loved ones at the Syriac Catholic Al-Tahira Church in Mosul, Iraq.

Reverend Ignatius Aufe, the organizer of the ceremony, said that the church has solemnly declared 40 days of mourning for the martyrs of the tragic fire. The ceremony, thoughtfully organized, marked the conclusion of the mourning period.

During the ceremony, a Mass and funeral prayers were offered to honor the souls of the departed martyrs.

Reverend Aufe further revealed that the Iraqi government has issued a decision to compensate the families of the fire victims. However, he added a somber note, stating, “These individuals have passed away, and compensations, unfortunately, cannot bring them back.”

Urging truth and transparency, Reverend Aufe urged the swift revelation of the investigation’s final results concerning the fire that claimed the lives of numerous innocent people. The call for accountability remains a crucial step toward closure for the grieving families affected by this heartbreaking incident.