Book of “History of the Syriacs” released in German, Turkish and Arabic

BETH NAHRIN — After great efforts, the book “History of the Syriacs”, has recently been released in Arabic, German and Turkish.

It includes historical information and facts about Syriac (Aramean-Chaldean-Assyrian) people and their development in the land of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), the cradle of civilizations over the ages.

It also highlights massacres, persecutions, displacement and international agreements that were hatched against the Syriac people.

Our news desk published conducted an interview with the book authors, who stated that the book aims to unite and empower the Syriac people.

It also aims to introduce the whole world to Syriac people unique history, civilization and history of the Syriac church, as well as prove the authenticity of the Syriac people.

The book is also a valuable reference for all researchers and academics, because it includes ancient sayings and manuscripts belonging to kings and leaders of the Syriac people.

Book of “History of the Syriacs”

According to the authors, the book is now available online, in addition to local libraries in several cities and countries.

In order to further spread of the book, its authors will be invited to events in Syriac clubs and churches. Short videos about the content of the book will also be published.

The authors added that the process of adding information is still ongoing.