Iraqi President Rashid commends return of displaced families to Shigur (Shengal / Sinjar), anticipates closure of all camps

BAGHDAD — Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid expressed his welcome for the return of dozens of displaced families to Shigur (Shengal / Sinjar) District in Nineveh Governorate in western Iraq, considering this a pivotal initial step toward closing all camps. The Presidency of the Republic issued a statement acknowledging this significant return and emphasized the President’s commitment to resolving the issue of displacement with enduring solutions.

The statement underscored the strategic importance of the displaced families returning to Shigur, highlighting its role in the ongoing efforts to rehabilitate infrastructure, deliver essential services to the region, and establish security and stability.

President Rashid’s administration expressed optimism that the return of these families signifies the beginning of a broader repatriation initiative, aiming to bring back all displaced individuals and ultimately close the remaining camps, remnants of the Islamic State (ISIS) occupation. The statement emphasized that this return marks a new chapter in addressing the societal divisions wrought by terrorism.

Acknowledging the collaborative efforts involved, the statement extended gratitude to the Ministry of Migration and Displacement, as well as the security services, for their role in facilitating the return of displaced families to their homes. President Rashid commitment to resolving the displacement issue reflects a comprehensive approach to rebuilding communities affected by past conflicts.