Lebanese security forces dismantle camp of displaced Syrians in Tyre amid ongoing tensions on Lebanon-Israel border

TYRE, Lebanon — Lebanese security forces took action to dismantle a camp established by displaced Syrians in the southern city of Tyre following repeated warnings urging evacuation due to the heightened risk of bombings. The General Directorate of Public Security in Lebanon issued a statement outlining the prior warnings issued to the displaced Syrians, emphasizing the imperative to vacate the camp.

Despite the warnings, the displaced individuals refused to leave the camp, prompting Lebanese security forces to encircle and subsequently dismantle the site, compelling its residents to evacuate.

This development unfolded against the backdrop of ongoing tensions and exchanges of fire and missiles between the Israeli Army and Iranian-backed Hezbollah along the Lebanon-Israel border. The region has been volatile since the commencement of hostilities between Israel and Hamas early last month.