Iraq and Turkey grapple with devastating floods, civil defense teams mobilize for rescue efforts

MOSUL, Iraq and BATMAN, Turkey — Both Iraqi and Turkish territories recently experienced severe floods, resulting in widespread destruction of civilian property and tragic casualties. Civil defense teams were promptly dispatched to rescue stranded and trapped individuals in the affected areas.

In Nineveh Governorate, Brigadier General Khaled Tharwat Gilmiran, Director of Civil Defense, refuted reports of any recorded deaths due to torrential rains. He confirmed the successful rescue of 14 families trapped in the floods, emphasizing that no lives were lost during the operations.

Gilmiran highlighted the inundation of certain areas in Mosul due to heavy rains, resulting in the entrapment of a family. Civil defense and rescue teams swiftly intervened, successfully extracting the entire family without any casualties. Currently, 12 families are reported stranded in Al-Kobakli, another in Al-Muharebeen, and one near the Ayn al-Iraq project.

In Turkey, a family of seven fell victim to the floods triggered by heavy rains in Batman. Tragically, a woman and three children lost their lives. The bodies of Lalihan Guner and her three grandchildren were discovered after having been swept away by rainwater in front of their house during the floods.