Girl’s cycling race held in Taqba, North and East Syria, to promote health and empowerment

TAQBA, Syria — In a groundbreaking initiative in Tabqa, Syria, the Office of Women’s Games at the Sports Council organized a bicycle race for girls, aiming to inspire and foster good health through sport.

Ten enthusiastic young women participated in the race, which garnered attendance from representatives of the local Autonomous Administration in Tabqa, along with members of the Young Women’s Union, the Future Syria Party, and Women’s and Youth Movements.

The race kicked off from the Maysalun Roundabout in the heart of Tabqa and finished at the Council of the Zenobia Women Gathering.

Following an exhilarating competition, Julie Runak clinched first place, while Julie Darwish secured second. Shaima al-Obeid finished third.

In recognition of their effort, all participants were honored with well-deserved medals, marking a significant step in empowering and promoting the talents of young women in Tabqa.