Christian Front in Lebanon calls for strengthening army’s role to counter Iranian militia influence

BEIRUT — In its weekly meeting at its headquarters in Achrafieh, the Christian Front in Lebanon emphasized the urgent need for the Lebanese Army to reclaim its rightful role in safeguarding the homeland. The Front expressed concerns over the dominance of Iranian militias, namely Hezbollah, in decision-making and called for the implementation of international resolutions, particularly UN Resolution No. 1559, to restore Lebanon’s independence.

The Front lamented the compromise on Independence Day celebrations, attributing it to Lebanon’s subjugation to Iranian influence through elements that have forsaken their Lebanese identity for self-serving reasons.

Highlighting the detrimental impact of a centralized system on Lebanon’s pluralistic formula, the Front argued that the weakness of the Lebanese people stems from the imposition of dictatorship by a central authority.

Addressing the critical issue of the army’s diminished role, the Front underscored that the absence of its rightful function allows Iranian militias in Lebanon to dictate decisions related to peace and war.

Concluding its statement, the Christian Front called for the full implementation of international resolutions with the aim of liberating Lebanon territorially and ensuring autonomy in decision-making. The Front envisions Independence Day becoming a source of pride for all Lebanese citizens.