Christian Front warns against Hezbollah influence, stands for national security in Lebanon

BEIRUT — In its latest meeting at its headquarters in Achrafieh, Lebanon, the Christian Front issued a stark warning about the Lebanese government’s perceived subservience and alignment with Iranian-backed Hezbollah, emphasizing the concerted efforts of Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Iranian proxy groups to extend their influence across the region.

Expressing its opposition, the Front adamantly rejected the idea of electing a president with loyalty to Hezbollah. It asserted that a leadership vacuum is preferable to handing over a position ostensibly designated for Christians and genuine patriots to Hezbollah.

Additionally, the Front raised concerns about a nefarious plot threatening the national security of the Lebanese Army.

In a show of solidarity, the Front declared its unwavering support for Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Bechara Boutros al-Rai’s call, backed by sovereign MPs, to extend the retirement age. Furthermore, the Front advocated for General Joseph Aoun to continue leading the Army Command until the election of a new president for Lebanon.

In a proactive stance, the Front urged both sovereign and opposition parties, along with MPs, to dispatch a parliamentary delegation representing the Lebanese people to the United Nations. The delegation’s purpose would be to demand the enforcement of all international resolutions, while officially declaring Lebanon’s occupation by Iran through the Hezbollah militia.

Finally, the Front called upon major countries to intervene decisively and liberate Lebanon and its people from what they perceive as occupation by Iran and its affiliated groups.