UN Renews call for Israel’s withdrawal from Syrian Golan in historic resolution

NEW YORK — The United Nations has once again called on Israel to withdraw from the Syrian Golan Heights, a region it has held since 1967. In a recent session, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution demanding Israel’s withdrawal from the disputed territory, reiterating a call that has persisted for over five decades.

The resolution garnered approval from 91 countries, faced rejection from 8 nations, and saw 62 countries abstaining from the vote. The document expressed concern over Israel’s non-compliance with resolutions from both the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, emphasizing the persistent demand for Israel to vacate the occupied Golan.

The UN previously issued a plea to Israel urging it not to exploit the natural resources in the Golan Heights and emphasizing the sovereignty of the indigenous population in the region. The resolution reflects ongoing international efforts to address the long-standing and contentious issue of territorial control.