Syrian regime member goes on trial in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM — On Thursday, the first Dutch war crimes trial took place in the Netherlands for a former member of the Syrian Palestinian Liwa al-Quds militia, affiliated with the Syrian regime, on charges of committing war crimes and human rights violations.

The Dutch court has begun trying him for arresting at least 2 people and handing them over to the Syrian regime’s Air Intelligence officials.

On the first day of the trial, the judges heard the answers of 2 witnesses, who stated that the suspect, identified only as Mustafa, participated in arresting them violently in 2012.

They provided details of the beatings and torture they were subjected to in prison.

The suspect refused to answer any questions from judges about allegations that he was involved in the arrest and torture of at least two people in Syria in 2012.

the Liwa al-Quds is an armed Palestinian faction affiliated with the Syrian regime. It was founded on Syrian territory in 2013. Its elements were trained by the Iranian Hezbollah militia.