Turkey warns Israel of consequences over pursuit of Hamas on Turkish soil

ANKARA / TEL AVIV — Following Israel’s announcement of intentions to target Hamas members internationally, the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a stern warning to Israel, cautioning against pursuing Hamas leaders on Turkish territory.

Citing sources within the Turkish Intelligence Service, Turkish media emphasized a firm stance, asserting that foreign intelligence operations would not be permitted within Turkish borders. The necessary warnings have allegedly been communicated to Israel, underscoring the potential serious consequences of such actions.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation confirmed that Turkish Intelligence had notified its Israeli counterpart about the targeted actions against Hamas members within Turkey. Ankara purportedly cautioned Tel Aviv about potential repercussions for any intelligence activities or operations conducted on Turkish soil.

This development follows statements from Ronen Bar, head of Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Service, revealing government directives to pursue Hamas leaders globally.