World Food Program to cease general food assistance program in Syria by 2024

DARAMSUQ — In the midst of economic challenges and worsening living conditions for the Syrian people, the World Food Program (WFP) announced the termination of its general food assistance program across Syria, effective from 2024.

Expressing regret over the decision, the WFP attributed the end of the food assistance program to a critical lack of funding, highlighting the acute financial constraints.

Despite this, the WFP assured that it will persist in delivering emergency food aid to specific vulnerable groups. This includes ongoing support for families impacted by emergencies and natural disasters, assistance to children under five, pregnant and nursing mothers, children in schools and learning centers, and aid to agricultural families participating in the livelihood support program.

Deputy Executive Director of the WFP, Carl Skau, acknowledged that at least 38 countries under WFP operations, including Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and West Africa, have witnessed reductions in aid.

Skau called upon the international community to intensify support for civilians in the region, particularly given the deteriorating economic situation faced by the Syrian population.