European warnings to Turkish regime from international isolation

ANKARA — After the abrasive talk of the Turkish regime towards the European Union, the European Parliament rapporteur on Turkish affairs Nacho Sanchez Amor confirmed that Turkey has become internationally isolated.

Amor stressed that the Turkish regime must soften tone in order to obtain concessions from the European Union, pointing out that these speeches are one of the obstacles in its relations with Brussels.

“The only true friend of yours is Azerbaijan,” Amor addressed the Turkish regime, stressing that avoiding hostile rhetoric is free and easy.

Turkey has been an official candidate to join the European Union since 1999. But the process has been effectively frozen since 2018 because of European concerns about Turkey’s human rights record and adventurous foreign policy.

The European Commission issued a progress report last month, in which it warned of the decline of democracy in Turkey, and the Turkish regime’s departure from the Copenhagen standards, which ensure the admission of countries to the European Union.