Turabdin Babylon Football Club hosts celebratory evening in Giessen, Germany, recognizing achievements and expressing gratitude

POHLHEIM, Germany — The Turabdin-Babylon Pohlheim Football Club in Germany organized a celebratory evening at the Mar Hadabshabo Church Hall, bringing together club members, coaches, referees, and enthusiastic fans for a celebratory occasion.

Club President Aziz Qartal took the opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to those in attendance for their unwavering support of the club’s endeavors. As a gesture of appreciation, a special shield was presented to Suroyo TV during the event.

An annual tradition, FC Turabdin-Babylon Pohlheim orchestrates a festive evening around the Christmas and New Year season for its members. The gathering serves as an occasion to honor the club’s players, coaches, referees, and devoted supporters for their contributions throughout the year.

Suroyo TV, a key supporter of the club, was represented at the celebration, underscoring its interest in the club’s activities and the broader achievements of the community.

Club President Aziz Kartal addressed the audience in a speech where he expressed gratitude to the players for their dedication, acknowledging the club’s ascent to the second division in the league. He urged them to strive for further success by advancing to the first division. Qartal extended congratulations to the coaches and referees for amplifying the voice of the community in German society.

In recognition of SUroyo TV’s consistent support, Qartal presented a distinguished shield of honor to Emmanuel Melli, a correspondent from Suroyo TV in attendance at the event.