Administration of North and East Syria transfer custody of women and children linked to ISIS to British delegation

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a significant development, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) transferred custody of a woman and several children associated with the Islamic State (ISIS) to British delegation.

The British delegation, comprising key representatives, including Acting Consular General Katherine Shaw, First Secretary for Political Affairs Andy Scott, and Second Secretary for Political Affairs Nicola Moss, visited North and East Syria for the purpose of the handover.

Upon their arrival, the delegation was received by Foreign Relations Commission Deputy Co-Chair Rubel Bahho, Administrative Board Member Khaled Ibrahim, and Women’s Protection Units representative Lana Hussein.

During the meeting, Bahho highlighted the ongoing challenges posed by the repeated Turkish attacks on the region. He emphasized that these attacks target vital facilities and infrastructure, exacerbating dire humanitarian conditions and prompting waves of migration from the region. Furthermore, Bahho underscored that ISIS terrorists stand to benefit from the Turkish assaults, urging the international community to promptly address the issue of ISIS detainees and families while fulfilling its responsibilities towards AANES.

Concluding the meeting, the delegation received a woman and five children, all holding British citizenship, in accordance with an official handover document mutually agreed upon by both parties.