People of Baghdede, Iraq, commemorate Nazek al-Malaeka’s centenary with Syriac Authors and Writers Union celebration

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — Marking what would be 100th birthday of renowned poet Nazek al-Malaeka, the Syriac Authors and Writers Union organized a celebratory event at the Mor Bulos’ House for Church services in the Nineveh Plains town of Baghdede (Qaraqosh / Hamdaniya), Iraq.

The commemoration commenced with a solemn minute of silence dedicated to the souls of the martyrs of the tragic Baghdede wedding hall fire.

Poet Manahel Sliwa delivered a poignant speech on behalf of the General Union of Writers and Authors in Iraq, while Rond Bulos, the president of the Syriac Authors and Writers Union, conveyed the Union’s address.

The gathering featured poets reciting verses in both Syriac and Arabic. Poets Haneen al-Jamayel and Noel al-Jamayel presented a scholarly exploration of writer Nizar al-Dirani’s work titled “Emotional Tones in Poems of Syriac Women Poets”.

Concluding the celebration, Syriac writer, artist, and poet Latif Bula received an honorary tribute for his contributions to the promotion of the Syriac language and culture. The Union Shield was bestowed upon him, and certificates of appreciation were distributed among the participants. Additionally, poet Haneen al-Jamayel, the overseer of the celebration, was honored for her dedicated involvement.