Swedish Left Party affirms support for Administration of North and East Syria during meeting in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM — In a meeting held in the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, the Left Party (Vänsterpartiet, V) reassured the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) of its unwavering support, emphasizing that recent policy changes should not diminish the government’s responsibilities towards the regions in question.

The delegation from the Autonomous Administration, including AANES Representative in Europe Abdul Karim Omar, Syriac Union Party (SUP) Representative Joseph Lahdou, and AANES Representative in Europe Shiyar Ali. The AANES delegation met with member of the Swedish Parliament Håkan Svenneling.

During the meeting, both parties discussed prevalent issues, with the Autonomous Administration briefing the Swedish Left Party on recent developments and significant challenges in North and East Syria. The conversation included a focus on the ongoing threat of terrorism, particularly the resurgence of the Islamic State (ISIS), taking advantage of Turkish attacks on the region.

The delegation stressed the imperative for international collaboration and support to eradicate ISIS permanently, highlighting the organization’s increased activity amid the current year’s Turkish assaults. Additionally, there was a call for assistance in rehabilitating infrastructure destroyed by Turkish attacks and the establishment of an international investigation committee to document damages and Turkish violations, considered war crimes and crimes against humanity under international laws.

The Left Party affirmed its enduring friendship with the Autonomous Administration and underscored the necessity for the Swedish government to uphold its responsibilities towards the regions of North and East Syria, despite any recent policy changes. The commitment to eliminating terrorism remains a shared objective between the party and the Autonomous Administration.