European Syriac Union extends support to fundraising campaign for needy in Beth Nahrin

BRUSSELS — In a demonstration of solidarity, the European Syriac Union (ESU) conveyed its endorsement of the fundraising campaign initiated by the Syrian Cross Organization for Relief and Development and Dutch non-profit Stichting Schlomo to assist the underprivileged within the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) community in Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia).

Addressing Syriacs (Arameans–Assyrians–Chaldeans) in Beth Nahrin and across the diaspora, the ESU expressed its satisfaction in highlighting the various relief projects executed by the Syriac Cross throughout 2023.

The Syriac Cross is a humanitarian development organization dedicated to consolidating security, fostering stability, upholding human rights, and combating persecution and terrorism.

Detailing the donation process to the two organizations, the ESU emphasized that every contribution, regardless of its size, makes a significant impact. “Your donation will play a crucial role in sustaining the organization’s efforts to provide aid and hope to vulnerable communities throughout 2024,” added the ESU.

Expressing gratitude to all those who have contributed to the Syriac relief organization, the ESU extended warm wishes to the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) community for holidays filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.