Christian Front calls for Lebanese unity and sovereignty, congratulates Lebanese people on key developments

ACHRAFIEH, Lebanon — The Christian Front in Lebanon convened its regular session at its headquarters in Achrafieh during which it extended a warm congratulations to the Lebanese people, with a particular emphasis on the Christian community. During the meeting, the Front addressed critical issues, urging the implementation of international resolutions concerning Lebanon.

In an official statement, the Christian Front conveyed heartfelt congratulations to the Lebanese Army and the entire nation on the enactment of legislation extending the retirement age for security leaders by one year. This legislative move effectively thwarted a plan that involved the rotation of leadership positions within the security services and the army.

Highlighting the significance of this decision, the statement emphasized that it opens an opportunity for stakeholders to call upon the international community to uphold UN Resolution No. 1559 concerning Lebanon. The aim is to free the nation from Iranian influence and address the challenges posed by refugees, recognizing their impact on Lebanon’s delicate socio-political landscape.

Furthermore, the Christian Front issued a call to Christian parties and Church, urging the initiation of a collaborative workshop. The objective is to formulate a comprehensive strategy that not only bolsters the presence of the Christian community but also fortifies their resilience in their homeland.

In the spirit of the season, the Christian Front extended warm wishes to the Lebanese people on the occasion of Christmas. Expressing hope for the swift return of peace to Lebanon, the Front also directed congratulations to the Christian community, appealing for unity and steadfastness on their native soil. The Front’s statements reflect its commitment to the well-being of Lebanon and the promotion of a secure and thriving environment for all its inhabitants.