Bethnahrin National Council: Christmas is hope and life for Syriac people

BETH NAHRIN — On Christmas and New Year, the Presidential Committee of the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) issued a congratulatory telegram to the Syriac Chaldean-Assyrian-Aramean people and Christians in general.

The MUB Presidential Committee stated that Christmas lit the way in the Middle East for all human being.

Almost 2000 years ago, the signs of searching for salvation began. By faith, the concepts of communities were turned upside down, the conquered and oppressed by the ruling authorities were liberated from slavery to a life of freedom.

The MUB Committee added that our people are the indigenous rooted people of Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), and in the Middle East, this people united under principles of Christ, defended its faith and spread its cultural and historical values.

The MUB pointed out that the stage of popular assembly began with the Sumerian community with different names, such as Akkad, Babylon, Asur, Aram and kaldo.

This people worked in politics without interruption, and established a new name, Syriacs, for itself under the umbrella of the church. This people became a spring of the Christian faith.

“The Syriac people played a major role in the Christian faith in the Middle East. They presented nations and humanity, a lot of science, technology, authorship, philosophy and research in various fields. The Syriac people armed with the power of faith and morality. Christmas created joy in the souls of Syriac people,” read the MUB telegram.

The Committee declared that this people has suffered from all forms of injustice, persecution and oppression, and yet they have not lost the will to resist.

“Under the MUB leadership, the method of struggle has developed to obtain the rights and freedom, and the national feelings and sacrifice have become an integral part of our values,” read the telegram.

The Committee stressed that Christmas represents renewal of beauty and richness of life, giving and hope for a bright future.

On 25th December, the Christian people celebrate Christmas, with longing to live in love and peace.

“Let’s not forget that Syriac people, among the Christian people, are fighting democratically to live freely, and hope through this struggle to return to history of the Middle East, the land of ancestors of Beth Nahrain (Mesopotamia), the cradle of civilization and humanity. We do not forget that our future is also linked to living and staying in this geographical spot,” the MUB added.

The MUB Committee stressed that Christmas strengthened the bonds of faith in souls of Syriac people, developed the spirit of sacrifice and courage and organized the national struggle.

“We will represent our people next year in all fields. In order to achieve our goals, we will do our best, and we will ensure the future of our free people. On this basis, we congratulate our people who struggle to defend their identity, revive their values and open a new page in history of the Middle East. We congratulate heads of churches, clergy, families of our martyrs and our struggle comrades. We wish success for all,” the MUB concluded.