Final statement of Syrian Democratic Council conference emphasizes Syrian dialogue revitalization

RAQQA, Syria — At the conclusion of its 4th conference, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) issued a statement that stresses the importance of continued revitalization of the Syrian–Syrian dialogue, in addition to the SDC efforts to communicate with various countries and influential entities in the Syrian crisis dossier.

The statement stressed Syria’s right to restore its sovereignty over its territory, stressing the rejection of all plans for demographic change and the displacement of indigenous citizens.

The statement referred to working to improve the situation of Syrian people in displacement camps, noting that each Syrian force has the right to conclude cultural agreements with any other parties.

The conference agenda included selecting new SDC Co-Chairs, Leila Karaman and Mahmoud al-Muslat.

The conference also approved a new bylaw, a political document and a road map to resolve the Syrian crisis.

The SDC conference was held on Wednesday in Raqqa in North and East Syria, amid active participation of Syrian political forces.

It was attended by representatives of the Syriac Union Party in Syria (SUP), including SUP Co-Chairs Nazira Goreya and Sanharib Barsom, along with other SUP officials.