Nohadra Governorate in Kurdistan Region of Iraq plans to protect and restore historic Christian neighborhood

NOHADRA, Kurdistan Region of Iraq — The Tourism Directorate in Nohadra (Duhok) Governorate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), has embarked on a mission to identify and safeguard dozens of houses in the historic Christian neighborhood in Nohadra. The initiative aims to develop a comprehensive plan to protect these homes and preserve them as valuable historic cultural sites.

Janbali, a long-time resident of the Christian neighborhood, the oldest enclave in the city of Nohadra, expressed his joy at the government’s attention to the area, envisioning a transformation into a heritage site that contributes to Nohadra’s cultural development.

Many houses in the neighborhood have become vacant, deemed uninhabitable, while others bear warning signs of potential collapse. Haitham Boutros, whose family has resided in the Christian neighborhood for generations, voiced his hopes for the restoration of this place filled with cherished memories. Despite not residing there presently, Boutros emphasized the urgency of transforming the area into a protected area, citing the risk of further deterioration due to weather conditions.

The Tourism Directorate of Nohadra Governorate has diligently worked for over two months to document the neighborhood. Identifying 100 houses in need of attention, the Directorate is poised to send its findings to Nohadra Governorate to formulate a comprehensive plan for the protection and preservation of these houses as significant sites for protection.