Turkey targets property of Syriac-owned wedding hall in Amuda, North and East Syria

AMUDA, North and East Syria — Despite the festive season, Turkish assaults on North and East Syria extended into Christmas and the New Year, targeting critical infrastructure, health centers, and civilian property, such as the Karam Wedding Hall in the town of Amuda, located west of Zalin (Qamishli).

The Syriac proprietor of the hall, Marwan Jirjis, revealed to North Press Agency that the bombing occurred while they were celebrating Christmas at home, resulting in significant damage to the hall. Jirjis, emphasizing his non-affiliation with any political party, highlighted that the hall served as a livelihood for seven families and expressed the substantial financial setback incurred.

Turkey’s attacks during the Christmas period killed eight civilians, with several others sustaining injuries. This relentless aggression not only threatens the lives of civilians but also jeopardizes the stability of the region during a time traditionally associated with peace and goodwill.