Protests in Turkish occupied Cafrin over Turkish Foreign Minister’s reconciliation statements

CAFRIN, Syria — In the Turkish-occupied city of Cafrin (Afrin), Syria, dozens participated in a demonstration expressing their rejection of recent statements made by Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan regarding his country’s efforts to facilitate reconciliation between the Syrian regime and opposition forces.

During a press conference in Ankara, Fidan asserted Turkey’s aim to bring an end to the ongoing conflict between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian regime. He emphasized Turkey’s commitment to preventing any further hostilities between the two parties, with the overarching goal of averting a new wave of migration.

In response to these statements, Syrian activists took to the streets in a demonstration at “Freedom Square” in the heart of the occupied Cafrin. The protesters expressed strong condemnation of Fidan’s statements, denouncing them as an attempt to strengthen the grip of the regime of Bashar al-Assad at the expense of Syrian lives.

The demonstrators articulated their rejection of any reconciliation efforts with the Syrian regime and demanded the immediate return of displaced individuals to their homes. Banners held high during the protest carried messages affirming their determination to resist any move perceived as compromising the interests and well-being of the Syrian people.

The demonstration served as a vivid illustration of the discontent and opposition prevailing among residents of Cafrin concerning the diplomatic initiatives articulated by the Turkish Foreign Minister. The protesters underscored their commitment to advocating for the rights and return of displaced Syrians, signaling a staunch refusal to support any measures perceived as undermining the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice in the region.