Delegation from Beth Nahrin Democratic Party meets with Beth Nahrin Women’s Organization for collaborative discussions

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — In a collaborative effort to address shared concerns and promote joint initiatives, a delegation from the Beth Nahrain Democratic Party engaged in discussions with representatives from the Beth Nahrin Women’s Organization in Iraq. The meeting took place at the organization’s headquarters in the Nineveh Plains town of Baghdede (Qaraqosh / Hamdaniyah), where fruitful conversations unfolded regarding critical collaborative efforts and the current regional landscape.

The visiting delegation, including Balsam George, an official from the Erbil branch of the Beth Nahrain Democratic Party, Abdullah Matti, a member of the party’s Central Committee, and other party officials, was warmly received by the head of the Beth Nahrin Women’s Organization, Hanan Matti Touma. Other key figures present included Ronak Elias Hanna, the official in charge of the general feminist organization, Iqbal Elias, the official in charge of the Baghdede organization, and various organization members.

Discussions during the meeting encompassed a range of pertinent topics, including joint actions undertaken by both entities and an analysis of the current regional situation. Special attention was given to the aftermath of the tragic Baghdede wedding hall fire, the recent elections, and their outcomes.

Both parties affirmed their commitment to collaborative cooperation aimed at serving the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people in Iraq. The agreement highlighted the shared dedication to addressing the pressing issues facing the community through joint initiatives and concerted efforts.