North and East Syria: Gozarto Canton Executive Council concludes annual meeting with recommendations

ZALIN, North and East Syria — During its annual meeting at the Education Authority building in Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, the Executive Council of Gozarto (Jazira) Canton brought together members of the legislative and executive councils. The meeting yielded a series of vital recommendations aimed at enhancing various aspects of governance.

Key figures present included members of the Co-Chairship of the Executive Council of Gozarto Canton, Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of Gozarto Canton Gabriel Chamoun, and the Co-Chairship of the People’s Democratic Council of Gozarto Canton. Also in attendance were the co-chairs of bodies, offices, and committees associated with the Executive Council.

The meeting commenced with a solemn minute of silence, followed by a comprehensive review of the meeting’s agenda. Insights into the current political landscape in the region and its potential implications on the economic front were shared. Attendees actively engaged in discussions addressing the primary challenges faced by various bodies in executing their responsibilities over the past year.

As the meeting drew to a close, several crucial recommendations were put forth. Among the notable directives were the implementation of the new Social Contract and its provisions, the advancement of management institutions, and the enhancement of educational initiatives. Additionally, the focus extended to bolstering the agricultural, industrial, medical, and service sectors.

Several ongoing projects were discussed, including the completion of the Civil Defense Directorate’s initiative and the establishment of a center for treating addiction. The meeting also emphasized the importance of providing comprehensive healthcare and addressing the needs of the families of martyrs. Supporting job creation and fostering small-scale community projects were identified as essential components of the region’s developmental agenda.