Turkish targeting of vital infrastructure in North and East Syria escalate, civilians suffer amid ongoing attacks

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Turkish forces persist in their relentless attacks on the critical infrastructure of North and East Syria, aiming to undermine the habitability of the region.

On Sunday, Turkey renewed its attacks on infrastructure, vital facilities, and civilian properties, resulting in a wave of destruction and casualties.

Over the past two days, Turkish airstrikes have targeted over 50 locations in North and East Syria, injuring 6 people, including a woman and two children. The attacks have also caused severe damage to the targeted facilities.

Notably, the power plant in Zalin (Qamishli) bore the brunt of attacks for the third consecutive time, plunging more than 60% of the city’s neighborhoods and countryside into darkness.

Additional targets included a pharmaceutical warehouse, driving school, a factory, a construction company, and an Internal Security Forces (ISF) checkpoint in the Zalin countryside.

In Qabre Hewore (Qahtaniyah), Turkish forces conducted five airstrikes on an ISF checkpoint and the Odeh Oil Station, while shelling another oil site southeast of the area.

Power stations in various locations were not spared, causing electricity outages in the area and affecting 190 villages. The Swediya gas station in rural Dayrik (Derik) was hit ten times, rendering it inoperable.

The Turkish bombings extended to Derbasiyah, where a power plant, food supply center, and several villages in the western countryside were targeted. A drone attack on a house in Karbutli village left a woman and her two children injured.

In Amuda, a Turkish warplane targeted the only power station and the mill in the countryside, resulting in civilian injuries.

The two power plants in Ayn Issa and Kobane cities were completely disabled due to Turkish targeting, leading to widespread power outages.

Artillery shells from Turkish forces struck the silos of Timar (Umm al-Keif) village west of Tel Tamer in the Khabur River Valley, as well as an ISF checkpoint in the area.

Turkish strikes continued even as firefighters struggled to extinguish fires.

In response to the blatant assaults, residents of North and East Syria poured into the streets in massive demonstrations, urging the United Nations and concerned powers to intervene and halt Turkish violations.

In a notable act of protest, demonstrators in Derbasiyah intercepted a Russian patrol, expressing dissatisfaction with Russia’s silence on the Turkish bombing.

Talaat Yunus, Co-Chair of the Executive Council of Gozarto (Jazira) Canton, called on the people of the region and abroad to rally in support of the resistance in North and East Syria, condemning the ongoing aggression.