Doctors Without Borders urges protection of health facilities in North and East Syria amid continued Turkish attacks on civilian infrastructure

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Amidst the ongoing Turkish attacks on healthcare infrastructure in North and East Syria, Doctors Without Borders in Syria issued a fervent plea for health facilities and critical infrastructure to be safeguarded.

The organization raised the alarm about what it labels “deteriorating and dire living conditions resulting from Turkish attacks on northern Syria.”

In its statement, the organization confirmed that the Turkish airstrikes inflicted damage on health facilities, causing disruptions in service delivery. It highlighted the severe consequences, noting that the water supply from the Alouk Pumping Station has been entirely cut off due to Turkish bombardment.

The statement further emphasized that 170 wells are now out of service, with over half of them operating at significantly reduced capacity.

More than a million people have been left without electricity after power was severed from over 2,700 villages in North and East Syria due to the destruction of the Swediya gas and electricity station, the organization stated.

Doctors Without Borders called upon the international community to engage in negotiations for a political solution and to bring an end to the recurrent Turkish attacks on vital facilities in North and East Syria. The organization stressed that the safety of civilians and humanitarian workers is increasingly jeopardized by the ongoing Turkish shelling.