Greek Catholic Patriarch emphasizes importance of joy for Christian youth

DARAMSUQ — Greek Catholic Patriarch Youssef al-Absi delivered a powerful message during the concluding Mass of the International Days of Syrian Christian Youth, underscoring the significance of joy in the lives of Christian youth.

Held in the Church of Our Lady of Damascus, the Divine Sacrifice marked the culmination of the International Days of Christian Youth, organized by the Syrian Christian Youth Office. In his address, Patriarch al-Absi highlighted the importance of Christian joy and elucidated various paths to attain it. He specifically mentioned natural beauty and a sense of belonging as fundamental aspects on this joyous journey.

In an interview with EWTN News, Father Antonius Raafat Abu al-Nasr, the event coordinator, expressed that the days held in Syria stand as a significant achievement. Reflecting on the Church’s role during the crisis, Father al-Nasr likened the Church to a mother, a teacher, and an expert in humanity, embodying a nurturing presence for the faithful.

Father al-Nasr concluded his remarks by emphasizing the joy inherent in belonging to the Church. He noted that the gathering of Syrian Christian youth symbolizes the Church’s shared joy with the exuberance of the youth. Following the Mass, Father al-Nasr extended gratitude to the coordinators and participants for their impactful roles in making the event a success, commending their dedication to the Church’s mission.